Back in a day when all of the silversmiths created the jewelry dedicated to the God (devotions), or to the King, “ngayah” to the King’s royal family people were still living in poverty. Ngayah is a volunteer kind of work to serve particular events without any compensation. The villagers’ main job was working in the rice field or to grow kettles. It was started around 1915 when the Dutch legendary artist, Walter Spies, who happened to live in Ubud came and visited some of the silversmiths in Celuk village and decided to support and promote the silver jewelry through his artists community called “Pitamaha” in Ubud. Since then, the silver jewelry made in Celuk has become popular and gotten more exposure among the travelers in Bali and therefore most people in Celuk started making jewelry for a tourism business purpose. Aristya Silver Bali was established in 1987. The idea on creating the store came from I Ketut Sunarya, the owner himself, who also was born as “Pande” (a religious clan in Bali who is believed to be born as a blacksmith or work with metal, such as gold, silver, which is known as “memande”). This kind of profession has been descended within the family. His grandfather whom himself was also acknowledged as one of the finest silversmiths in the village and often worked at the King’s palace.  Starting from the scratch as a tiny store in Ubud Bali, Aristya Silver Bali is now spreading its wings and becoming a larger silver jewelry business with a main store located in Jalan Raya Celuk Sukawati. Nowadays Aristya Silver Bali is not only provides traditional silver jewelry designs, but also tons of contemporary designs.